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Preferred Wire Products, Inc.

Committed to professional quality and excellent service.

Channel Furr Netting on Wall 003a.jpg

Newest Machines in the Industry.

Innovative Designs.

Quality and Service.

At thirty-seven inches wide, Preferred Wire Products is one of the widest standard 20 gauge netting rolls in the industry.  Further, Preferred Wire Products has developed ‘Channel Furr’ for its 17 gauge netting.  ‘Channel Furr’ has over 140% more furr points over traditional netting, assuring strong embedment.

We strive to maintain the highest standard of quality and service in the industry.  That’s our commitment to you, our customer and partner.

Preferred Wire Products’ netting machines are not only the newest in the industry, but include a proprietary ‘soft-weave’ design that reduces tension during the weaving process.  This creates a softer, more pliable netting that lies flat against the wall and folds easily into corners.

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